Do You Have an Emergency Communications Plan?

Companies should have contingency plans for service provision during power interruption. 

TAS-PAGE’s call centre is backed up 24/7/365 by a natural gas powered generator – we will never be off line or without power.

Some of the services we maintain for customers during disaster recovery including power outages:

  • take overflow calls for companies who are overwhelmed with calls during a disaster/outage
    • cable companies
    • insurance companies
    • tree clearing crews
    • clean-up and restoration crews
    • oxygen provisioning companies
  • mobilize emergency personal, including additional EMS workers, roads and sewer staff, towing services, electricians
  • monitor recorded alarms for power outages and advise  of power outage where required (water filtration plants etc.)  dispatch the appropriate personnel to respond
  • employees dispatched to respond are monitored when working alone
  • mass notifications of situations (via text, email, phone call)
  • set up emergency communication plans (maintain and train on retainer for implementation when required)

Additional services that we provide:

  • off premise back up for fire dispatch
  • City call in crew protocol for storms
  • full back up and dispatch of utility companies
    • Initial point of contact
    • Determine outage severity and area by mapping call ins
    • Dispatch a crew
    • Email the media to keep public informed of progression of outage and estimated time of restore
    • Record benchmarks

We guarantee uninterrupted service to our clients during power outages affecting our operation centre:

  • Immediate Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS’s) which seamlessly cover power surges, brownouts and total outages. The UPS’s supply power for up to 4 hours, however, they are only required for 30 seconds during the seamless handoff to the generator.
  • Natural gas generator powers up and turns on within 30 seconds up power failure taking over from the UPS, providing power to the building. Our operation centre and equipment continue to operate with unnoticeable change until power is restored at which time it transfers back seamlessly again.
  • Mobile gas generators are for additional back-up and off site equipment.

If you want to learn more about our Emergency Phone Response, Dispatch, and Monitoring Services please contact us.

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