The First Point of Contact

TAS-PAGE operator in office speaking to older woman stranded outside in winter with broke down car

Simply put, we’re the live agents that organizations trust to receive their most important phone calls. Our staff have experience handling inbound calls for an extensive range of businesses and industry leaders. Real estate moguls, local electricians, and utility companies (among others) depend on TAS-PAGE to effectively handle their inbound calls and act as their primary inbound call centre.

Our staff will take the time to understand your business in order to provide the most efficient solution that solves your business needs. We’re all about customization and creating a perfect fit. At TAS-PAGE, there is no such thing as cutting corners or “one solution for all”.


We can offer many enhancements to complement unique inbound call programs:

  • Text to cell phone dispatch
  • Voice mail
  • Email message delivery
  • Take (make) appointments

Inbound call programs can be augmented using our software, or we also have the technical ability and proficiency to access a client’s software/website for information or to record data.