Call Answering, Dispatch, and Reporting For Your Employees

TAS-PAGE can take messages from staff calling in sick regardless of what shift they work. All calls are documented, time/date stamped, and voice recorded. This helps eliminate arguments and grievances about who called when and what exactly was said. The phone call recordings are made available to the client or HR department, if necessary. We can make a report directly to a department, foreman or supervisor.

Our employee absence reporting service is fully customizable based on your organizations needs. It can also include making outbound phone calls to find a replacement staff member.

  • Creates a formal, organized process that is easy for staff to remember and keep track of
  • Same process regardless of the time – 24/7 call answering available
  • Employees don’t have to keep calling the same person
  • Local public works & townships – we forward employee absence info to the correct dept. before the shift starts
  • Ability to go directly onto the client’s calendar and coordinate having the shift filled by an available employee
  • Massive benefits for companies running multiple shifts daily
  • Integration services and expertise allows us to access a client’s time management system or software